The Society’s Tax Law Subcommittee Convener and Property Law Convener advise on issues arising from Revenue Scotland’s SETS upgrade

Revenue Scotland has now upgraded the online tax collection system, known as SETS (Scottish Electronic Tax System). We are aware that users have experienced difficulties with the new system. Read on for further information and suggested workarounds.

Introduction of SETS2

Users have reported a variety of difficulties with SETS2 and we have been communicating with Revenue Scotland in relation to these.

Some helpful updates to the system have now been made – you can find out more in the Service Design Circular (available on

Revenue Scotland is working on a number of further issues, prioritising those caused by bugs or defects in the system over suggested improvements or enhancements.

You should contact Revenue Scotland if you are experiencing any difficulties with SETS. Help and support are available to all users – you can contact the Support Desk by email ( or telephone on 03000 200 310.

If you would also like to make us aware of any issues you are experiencing, you can do so by emailing us ( or contacting us by telephone on 0131 226 8896 so that we can pass these issues on to Revenue Scotland as well.

Points to note

A number of workarounds may assist until these issues are resolved:

Activation of account – We understand that the majority of users have now been able to access the system. If you have not been able to log in, please contact Revenue Scotland. All users should have an individual login – SETS2 logins should not be shared. Emails related to activation of account and regular sign in will be sent from “”. Some characters may not be suitable in your password – follow website guidance.

Receipts – The electronic submission receipt now contains details of the property. You cannot view or obtain a copy of the submission receipt later so you must ensure that you print/save the submission receipt at the time of submission.

Saving draft returns – Users are experiencing difficulties when saving some draft returns and Revenue Scotland are looking into this. In the meantime, try saving the draft return at the start of the process before inserting any information, and then save again once you have completed the information. Take a note of the RS reference number so you can find the return later.

Searching for draft returns – We are aware of difficulties for some users with the search function. Take a note of the Revenue Scotland reference number allocated and try searching using this reference.

How to search for draft returns – Scroll down to “Draft returns” in the dashboard and press “All returns” at the bottom of this section. Enter the return reference and/or select “Show more filter options” and insert part of the property description. In the event that you are not able to search successfully by using the reference number allocated to the draft, searching by the property description has been successful for some users.

Purchaser’s email and telephone contact details are now mandatory – in the event that you do not have an email address or telephone number for the purchaser, or don’t have authority to provide these to Revenue Scotland, agent details can be inserted in these fields.

The date of conclusion of missives is now mandatory – if there are no missives, insert the effective date.

Secure messaging system – The new secure message function is now available and being used by agents/firms. This is accessible via the dashboard. Save a copy of anything sent or received through the messaging system in your document management system. If you experience difficulties, you can contact Revenue Scotland by email (

Paper returns

There are new paper return forms which are available on Revenue Scotland’s website. 

Paper returns for LBTT must now be submitted to Revenue Scotland instead of Registers of Scotland.

All paper returns should be accompanied by cheque payment of any tax due. Cheques should be made payable to Revenue Scotland.

From 19 August 2019, any paper returns sent to Registers of Scotland will be returned to the agent and old-style paper returns will be rejected. 

You can find further details on the new system on Revenue Scotland’s website.

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Isobel d’Inverno, Tax Law Subcommittee convener, and Deborah Lovell, Property Law convener
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