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With the recent pace of digital change, cloud technologies and paperless solutions have come to the fore. In the Briefing competitiveness axis for 2021, collaboration technology, such as electronic bundling, came out on top. If you haven’t considered a cloud based solution yet, Brian Kenneally, CEO of Bundledocs, shares four reasons why you should: 

1. Increased agility: 

Working from a cloud based system ensures that all parties can work seamlessly together – editing and sharing documents securely. The days of printing copy after copy of the same bundle are over and there’s no need to send bundles back and forth. One Bundle. One Location. And if any last minute changes are made to the bundle, you can share an updated version instantly. 

2. More cost effective: 

Operating in the cloud also ensures a complex software solution is available to all – regardless of practice size. No need to worry about overheads, updates, installs, maintenance contracts etc. This can lead to significant long-term cost reductions. 

3. The latest functionalities: 

Court requirements can change quickly: take the past two years and COVID-19 as an example. With agile cloud solutions, you have instant access to the latest functionality. This means no installs and no versioning, so everyone is always working on the most up-to-date version. 

4. Prepare and share large bundles: 

As the use of ebundles increases, so does the size of the bundles themselves. Using cloud solutions rather than applications, there’s no need to worry about slow PCs as the processing is done in the cloud. It enables you to manage and share larger bundles more quickly. 

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