In association with Denovo: It all boils down to time, profit and efficiency. We think we can help

Three problems?

Here they are…

  1. We need to save time
  2. We need to make more profit
  3. We need to make our team more efficient.

Now, you may be thinking, “Come on, of course they are; this is not new information.” However, my point is not whether these are the problems; I’m saying they are the only problems law firms face. No matter how you dress it up or how you describe them, it’s always these three core challenges. And in most cases, businesses turn
to tech for help.

Are lawyers technophobes?

What I find frustrating is when I hear people speak about lawyers as if they are stuffy, three piece suit wearing, money clutching laggards who must be tamed and tricked into modernising their business. For the most part that is simply not the case, and I instantly empathise with the vast majority of lawyers out there grinding and fighting the good fight. You’re not technophobic idiots who repel the idea of future proofing your business. You’re just busy and want help to make it perform to its best.


When it comes to saving time, we keep our solutions in search of problems. We are less interested in looking “really cool”, and more interested in being productive. You’re interested in technology that solves problems you encounter every day in practice: writing, billing, analysing firm performance, and client relationship management. You want to do these things quicker and more efficiently. We can tick that box.

I can also guess where lawyers don’t want to be at 6.30pm: just like everyone else, you don’t want to be in the office! So, when developing our software, we think about your everyday practice. If you have to work late, it’s not because you’re uploading your latest TikTok video! If we can save you time and help you leave at 5.30 instead of 6.30, you might just consider buying our product. Plus, we know you simply won’t believe us if an overly enthusiastic salesperson tells you our product is so revolutionary that you’ll suddenly be working a 40-hour week! We’re realists and BS is not a language we speak!


I’ve often heard that lawyers will only buy software that looks “cool” and is quite expensive. Maybe that’s true for big firms, but whatever anyone’s perception is, lawyers aren’t made of money. If your rates seem high, your costs are too. Margins for most of you are tight, and getting tighter. So, we have to give you a system that does what you need, at a price that works for you. From there we streamline and automate what we can to help you reach your goals and maximise ROI in every way possible.

One way includes finding a cost-effective package that can simply “get the job done”. So, rather than you viewing our tech as a reluctant overhead, you buy into the idea that this system will help you and ultimately make you more profitable. Tick!


SMBs are constantly looking for new technology to create a more productive and efficient workforce. In addition, remote working has led to an increased need for on-demand data – accessible any time, from anywhere. I define productivity as the strategic alignment of vision, focus, and technology. Identifying tech solutions that unlock these and enable true productivity, all within budget, is a goal of all SMBs.

Rather than me rhyming off 20 features that will make you and you team more efficient, just ask yourself a few questions and take it as read that we can tick those boxes too:

  • Do you have a clumsy, paper-based, error-prone, manual system?
  • Are you running your business on Excel and it’s no longer working or scaling?
  • Do you have people who need to work remotely or at home, but you need access to the same files?
  • Are you micro-managing your team and their processes because you just can’t trust them to do things exactly the way you would?
  • Are you and/or your team spending most of your day working through laborious administrative tasks?
  • Do you have a system that can’t keep up?

It’s safe to say that if you’re not maximising your time or being as efficient as you can, you’re leaving money on the table. We want to reduce the time spent performing routine and critical tasks, so you don’t lose the opportunity to serve additional clients.

Let’s not overcomplicate things

Lawyers do complex work and can have complicated demands. That doesn’t mean you need complicated software.

We don’t think you are technophobes. Far from it! All we want is the opportunity to show you how treating tech slightly differently can help and ultimately become an integral part of your business strategy to meet your objectives.

Let’s solve these three problems together. Call us on 0141 331 5290, email or visit

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