In association with Insight Legal Software: Recruiting expertise from legal firms enables IT suppliers to understand and meet client needs

The legal industry is utilising more technology than ever. Law firms understand that in order to be considered as leaders in their fields, incorporating legal IT and the knowledge to power it is now essential. For many industry professionals, moving to a legal IT business is viewed as a natural progression.

With a wealth of experience in delivering legal services, legal finance or practice management, they are extremely well placed to understand the exact needs of a legal software user, applying their knowledge to deliver the level of support law firm clients need to drive maximum value from their technology investments. But why make the move?

Making the move

There are various factors which could motivate a legal professional to move to a legal IT career. For example, it allows them still to pursue their interest in law but also to dip their feet in new waters, focusing on different aspects of the industry whilst supporting their peers with the knowledge to help them get the most from their software.

By taking the opportunity to explore law in a new capacity, professionals can continue to adapt their skillset with the changing tides of the industry, stay abreast of developments in the sector and add further value to the industry.

The power of experience

For a legal IT company, delivering solutions which streamline processes and help practitioners operate with efficiency and compliance should be the core focus. Suppliers must therefore understand practitioners’ needs and build their offering accordingly.

With a wealth of hands-on user experience, industry professionals can offer invaluable insight into the specific IT services practitioners want and need, and the support required to ensure users can navigate these systems with maximum effect. Feeding these insights into their product roadmap also allows software suppliers to follow the right course of innovation, developing systems with the functionality to deliver paramount user experience.

A strong support network

The advantages of a professional legal background not only benefit the development of a supplier’s offering, but extend across its client support network. Having likely experienced issues with legal IT first-hand, its professionals can recognise key pain points in the user journey and use their knowledge of the system to help professionals tackle issues.

What’s more, legal professionals will already have an understanding of the rules and regulations that law firms must comply with. By hiring from within the sector, software firms can build a strong client support network and reassure users that they are talking to an experienced professional, who understands their problems and knows effective ways to resolve them

By recruiting to harness this knowledge and experience, legal IT businesses can build a compelling solution to continue meeting the needs and expectations of their clients as the sector rapidly evolves.


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