Tribute paid by current Law Society of Scotland President

Philip Dry, President of the Law Society of Scotland in 1998-99 and a Council member for nearly 10 years, passed away on 24 November 2019 at the age of 74.

Paying tribute at the November Council meeting, the current President, John Mulholland, said Philip was a partner at Biggart Baillie for 33 years, and a highly respected solicitor in the west of Scotland. “He was very honoured to have been the third partner of that firm to have been elected President of the Society – following in the footsteps of Norman Biggart and William Cook.”

A traditional Council member in some respects, serving on a complaints committee, the Finance Committee, Guarantee Fund Committee and the then recently formed Practice Management Committee (both of which latter he convened), he was also innovative in aspects of the Society’s work. “He established business workshops for our members. He introduced the business of law awards. He was the driving force behind the first ever computer advisory service established by a Law Society in the UK and Ireland.”

He added: “The office of President had no impact whatsoever on his Greenock character. He was universally liked by all Council members, fellow solicitors and Society employees. This was no doubt because Philip was an absolute gentleman. He treated everyone with great courtesy, patience and goodwill. He never had a bad word to say of anything or anyone. Those qualities were a feature throughout his distinguished legal career, which was sadly affected by ill health at the end of his term as Past President” – illnesses he faced “with great dignity and humility”.

“Our deepest sympathies go to his wife Joyce, his two children Christine and Jonathan, and all his friends and former colleagues.”

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