In association with Denovo: If your firm is working from an in-house server, has the COVID-19 pandemic got you thinking about changing how you store your business data?

COVID-19 has changed everything. I think it’s safe to say remote working and distance communications may be the tip of the iceberg for how legal services could be delivered going forward. In this time of lockdown, thanks to cloud-based technology many firms are able to continue offering uninterrupted services to their clients. For those who embraced the technology, disruption to the delivery of their services has been minimal. For others the race is on to find the right cloud technology for their business.

Reaching for the cloud

The cloud offers the flexibility demanded by these rapidly changing and uncertain times. One of our larger partners switched to remote working. Most of them would normally have worked only in the office beforehand. Within 24 hours, their entire team switched and are now working efficiently from home, due to their cloud-based tech.

What we’ve seen over the past weeks is that firms who aren’t already on the cloud are feeling left behind in terms of being able to continue to operate well, if at all in very challenging times.

Having the ability to work remotely and securely in a crisis is just one of the many benefits of using cloud computing software. If your firm is working from an in-house server, no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has got you thinking about changing how you store your business data? If so, keep reading as we aim to outline some of the key benefits of doing exactly that.

The benefits of the cloud

Good cloud-based software gives you so many benefits and advantages. It allows you to manage your contacts, track and analyse your firm’s data, and stay on top of your firm’s day-to-day business, putting you more in control than ever before. Time wasted on administrative tasks can be reduced by using law practice management software, allowing firms to run more efficiently. In other words, cloud-based computing makes it easy for lawyers to automate their firms and reduce inefficient, redundant processes.

Access to your system whenever you want it is now critical. So, for example, lawyers can easily assign and manage tasks, track deadlines, and securely communicate and share information with clients, including court dates, legal documents and case updates, simply by using cloud-based software. Simply put, web-based access makes it easy for you to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere at any time. You can create and store legal documents, share invoices and more using any internet-enabled device. The benefits are many, and software like Denovo’s whole practice management solution, CaseLoad, is a tool that can make it all possible.

If you are looking for advice on how to go about introducing the cloud or you have general questions about using technology to get you through this challenging period, we’re here to help.

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