In association with Clio: with today's technology, remote legal work seems more and more viable, and perhaps even ideal

Traditionally, the concept of working remotely might have seemed like a perk – an unorthodox lifestyle choice that could work in certain fields, but an approach that’s too difficult for the demands of the legal profession.

But when one looks more closely at how to work remotely as a legal professional – how many lawyers are already doing so, and what’s really possible in today’s technology-supported legal sphere – remote legal work seems more and more viable, and perhaps even ideal.

With modern technology, lawyers can draft and review legal documents, get them signed electronically (in most cases) and keep clients up-to-date – all while ensuring client and firm data is kept secure and confidential. Cloud-based case management solutions like Clio allow you to securely access your files from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You can also collaborate easily with staff, colleagues, and clients.

The key to a successful transition is to speak to your clients and staff about what will make them most successful, and communicate clearly about what your new systems will be. Make sure staff have the hardware and software they need to succeed – and that they know how to use it.

Ensure everyone is clear about how you’ll communicate and collaborate, and put it in writing.

Also, clarify how your clients prefer to communicate with you if in-person meetings aren’t possible (phone, text, or email?). In the digital age, and depending on the situation, your clients may even appreciate the convenience of remote experience.

Really, remote work experience is anything but out of reach for today’s legal practitioner. Choose secure tools, communicate clearly and effectively about the way your remote practice will work, and ensure you’ve got a strong internet connection, and your firm will be able to thrive from anywhere.

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