COP26 Special

This month we bring you a COP26 special issue with features commissioned by the Society's COP26 Working Group from a cast of prominent contributors.

The trends in climate change related litigation, in which human rights grounds, government policy and corporate responsibility have all come under scrutiny in the UK or abroad
Elisa Morgera, Professor at Strathclyde University, interviews on the relevance of biodiversity law – and why we need to consider human rights, climate change and biodiversity as interlinked
Regulators, shareholders and activists have all become potential litigants against businesses allegedly failing in their climate-related obligations. What impact will they have?
Effective solutions to climate change can only be found by giving an equal voice to those who suffer most from its effects – women and disadvantaged minorities
In-house lawyers have a key role in helping their organisations meet growing expectations to achieve sustainability targets, and Lawyers for Net Zero has been set up to support them
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