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Over the last 300 years, Scottish scientists, engineers, and technology innovators have made discoveries and inventions that have changed our very relationship with the world around us.

Winston Churchill once said: “Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.” 

That’s an incredible accolade but earned. As a small example of Scottish innovation, today, we take it for granted that surgery will be quick and pain-free, that mechanics and robotics can support the human body and that the water from our taps will be safe to clean and cook with. Yep, there’s a Scot behind all of those world-changing innovations.

From the simple processes of everyday life to the cutting edge of 21st-century medicine and modern tech companies like Rockstar North (think Grand Theft Auto) and, if we may be so bold, ourselves – Scotland remains at the heart of scientific and technological innovation. Think about it: who was the chief engineer tasked with powering the Starship Enterprise to split the infinitive and “to boldly go”?

We Scots definitely “give it all we’ve got… (Captain)!”.

Denovo: our passion

OK, so we haven’t been around for as long as the Starship Enterprise, but over the last 30 years, our team of Scottish software developers, legal case management specialists, legal accountants, cashiers, and legal technology experts at Denovo Business Intelligence have been engineering and innovating software for the legal profession, and we believe even James T Kirk would approve.

More recently, we have been working intensively to create a software platform that does four simple jobs:

  • Is customisable to all Scottish work types
  • Is 100% accounts compliant
  • Is developed in Scotland for Scottish law firms
  • Make lawyers’ lives a hell of a lot easier.

Those have been the goals since day one. That’s our passion. Hearing that what we have created is actually helping make a difference in the Scottish legal community is the biggest compliment we could ever receive.

People make Scotland

Open, friendly, and helpful is how we Scots like to see ourselves, and it’s built into our ethos here at Denovo. Indeed, this seems to be one of the main reasons that law firms are drawn to work with us – we’re just nice, normal folk, who know their stuff and who really want to help. Our software is incredibly impressive, of course, but the compliment we get more than any other is how fantastic and supportive our team are. You see, on top of their tech skills, Denovo people innovate, listen, support, guide and advise. Some legal tech companies make much of features like digital resources, online academies and virtual content. To be honest, we do that too, but we genuinely believe that human interaction is the key to our success. Law firms want to talk, to make sure this kind of software works for them, and we guarantee we’ll listen and work with them to ensure it always does.

Proud to be part

Scotland is at the forefront of a future which will be forged in a digital world. It’s a world in which data and digital technologies are transforming every element of our working and personal lives. Here at Denovo, we feel incredibly proud to be part of an industry that understands the importance of technological advancement in modern society.

At Denovo, we also understand that it still needs that human connection to work, and we do that very well.

Find out more

If you want to have a chat with a bunch of passionate Scots about helping you make your business even better, call us on 0141 331 5290. If you prefer to write to us our email is

And if you’re even just a wee bit curious then visit our website:

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